1 November 2007

Cold cure

This is 'Bitter Fence'. It is for The Cold. You make tea with it. As nice as the rum and lime remedy made me feel, it didn't actually make me better, so we have moved on to more traditional methods.
As its' name implies, this tea does not taste nice but I hope it works because the one they give you if this doesn't work, tastes even worse.
That one is called 'Zeeberpik' or 'zibapik' or something like that.
T's grandfather knew a lot about bush medicine and taught T a lot.
Today, Thursday, the Doctor comes to the village medical station and I could go up there but this is just a cold and I have every confidence in T's tea.


  1. Pushing some empathy your way for the cold, I have one too! Nothing so exotic in the remedy cupboard here though....just good old Lemsip. Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Poor us. Thanks for the empathy Debs, I probably should have had the Lemsip in the first place.
    Hope you feel better soon too.

  3. And of course the cold will just run it's course and credit will be given to the tea. I think the rum and lime treatment if diligently followed would yield the same result with the added benefit of the hangover masking the body aches.

  4. I'm glad it's for A cold and not The cold, you being in Grenada and all...

  5. My goodness, that is one bad cold. Try some honey and tea and lemon, lots of fruits and veggies. And rest.

  6. Feel better soon. If the Bitter Fence is not doing the trick, a combination of orange juice warmed with a teaspoon of good locally made honey and sucking on some echinacea lozenges or similiar echinacea tincture has seen off two headcolds in this house of late ; )

  7. Thanks Guyana Gyal and A Kite Rises, your lovely comments make me feel a lot better and I will take your advice.


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