30 November 2007


This morning I wanted to write
about Xena and her new friends

and about the enemy in the garden

who ate all the leaves on my lime tree

and how yesterday, when the house rumbled
and all the glasses jangled

and the bottles and the fridge walked
and how I worried about my two best friends,
but, instead, I have to got to town to pay bills.


  1. I thought about you when I heard of the quake...hope all is safe x

  2. Darling Zooms, we are fine here in Dominica! Martinique had much more damage and injury than we did. But it was dramatic...

  3. Tell, tell, I love to hear people's reactions to things like that, some can be quite hilarious! Glad you're all right and your home is in one piece.

  4. I'm going to guess that the enemy in the garden who ate your lime leaves was the leaf cutter ant. We have a huge problem with them. In addition to the many other tasty things in the garden that they regularly defoliate, they have now started defoliating two large avocado trees.

    It's not fair!!!!

  5. The 'enemy in the garden' is that evil looking baby billy goat that ate the squash as well. T took him and tied him in the garden of the person that owns it and they must have taken the hint as we haven't seen it since.


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