29 April 2008

Cattle Egret

Bloody hell,
there's a lot
more to this
birding lark,
ha ha,
no pun intended,
than I thought.
Having been
by Darrel's
I thought I'd
give it a go,
after all it
can't be that
difficult can it?
Having spotted the birds, which took a while, there was the little
problem of i.d., and as for the shots?
Usually, if close enough, the noise of the lens extending, scared
them off, or, if further away, it took me so long to find the
zoomed in spot, in the camera window, they'd flown long since.
I despaired, this was hard. I was miserable, how the hell some
people manage to actually draw birds is beyond me.
Rescue was at hand. Just as I was about to give up, I read
this at Blyth Birder, made me feel much better.


  1. nice pic,wonder why they call em cattle egrets?

  2. Yea, I was wondering the same thing, nice to get a bit of a clue though.

  3. hi zooms
    i don't know if you'll read this, but i believe cattle egrets are called this because they eat insects flushed by grazing animals.
    mary ann


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