2 April 2008

Cocoa riggee for Guyana-Gyal

It was fun
flying my
cocoa riggee
that T made
a cocoa leaf,
dry fig straw
for tail
sewing thread
for twine.


  1. Thank you, I've been wondering ever since you mentioned it. Did it fly? Really, really fly?

  2. Really and truly GG?
    This kite flew like no other, it was almost as though it was alive. I love these kites, the best fun, usually reserved for small children but then......

  3. Very creative! Really making the best use of natural things at hand.

    If you can get to the movies, go see "The Kite Runner". We saw it this week and it's terrific.

  4. Blisshill, simple but fun, haven't seen the movie but enjoyed the book.

  5. Hey Zooms, I love the cocoa leaf kite. How did it fly? Any photos of her aloft? Lovely idea ; )

  6. ingenous! and so unassumingly pretty!

  7. a kite rises, wish that I could fly a kite and take photos at the same time, what I need is a kite cam.
    Minerva, isn't it just, T always has some unexpected delight to surprise me.

  8. Zooms, did you write On making Carrot Beds? the poetry is exquisite. reminds me of a poem my dad shared with me called "In the light on the stones in the Rain", a poem out of Ireland in Connemara. If it is yours do you mind if I copy it? I like to collect wonderful words! Mary Ann

  9. Mary Ann,
    " On making carrot beds" popped into my head during the repetitive action of forking and hitting something hard, digging and unearthing, the discovery of how big or small, smooth or rough, each and every one, a treasure in my hand.
    Thank you for the compliment and you are welcome to copy it. I Googled the title of the Connemara poem but with no luck, can you copy it to me?

  10. I'm going to learn how to make them, that's for sure. So many children here would enjoy that!

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