14 February 2009

Kite Season 1

This bamboo kite is 6' tall and will require skill and strength to fly it.
Kite season commences with a very strong breeze that threatens to burst the strongest twine. The raging bull lullaby affords me deep sleep , safe in the knowledge that our sheets are well hidden.


  1. hey there. happy v-day and all that. i have no idea where GG disappeared to. let's hope it's just 'pooter problems.

  2. Helloooo Zooms. I hope those boys stay safely on the ground!

    I hope I'm back without problems again! How did that boy Bakannal know....?

    I'm off to read, carefully, the post about creativity.

  3. Thanks bakannal, guess what? she's back, and, temporarily losing GG led me to you, not all bad then.

  4. Wow!! how cool~~ i wanna make one now!! :)

  5. Hi GG, welcome back, I missed you, and of course my imagination run away with me when you gone for so long, Happy Everything that I didn't get to tell you. xxx

  6. comin for all ya soon,long time i havent been home.i make moon kites that big.i like that one though.This is gaway from westerhall,the original kite man ask about me


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