18 February 2009


After weeks of unseasonal rain, the late afternoon sun kisses basking grafted limes.
The strong long shadows awake me to the fact that I have not left the house in a week.


  1. Do you get cabin fever? I don't, generally, but when I do get 'scratchy', I know it's time for me to be with others, laugh a bit, outside of home.

  2. GG, yes, I am scratchy as scratchy thing, thanks, I didn't know that I had 'cabin fever' symptoms, trying to finish a painting, but it is kind of scratchy too.

  3. this picture is full of longing, zooms... like a XVII century painting :-)... good cabin fever, congrats!

  4. Thanks Minerva, I would have loved to have been The Girl With The Pearl Earring, except for the washing and the harassment and the wife, that is.


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