10 May 2012


To leave the village
we travel by bus to St. George's.
My favourite seat is at the very back
on the left hand-side, when sitting.
As we fly down to town, 
braced for corners and the unexpected,
listening to a favourite tune,
(click the link now to get the bus vibe )
from the little sliding window
it is possible to enjoy a veritable feast of 
fleeting images, seemingly
imprinted with a magical stamp,
on the back of the brain.
In just a fraction of a second,
just at that moment when a breeze
passes through, there it is.
The gift of a glimpse.

I wonder what these wonderful people have glimpsed this week:

and who to pick for next week's Weekword?


  1. How lovely - the view from your buses is much nicer than ours!

    1. Thanks Jeneveve, it is a lovely view, but the buses drive real fast so a lot of people don't get to see it....eyes tight shut!

  2. LOVE! I want to ride that bus with its little sliding window and magical stamp. Sigh.

  3. What a great post, thank you for sharing your glimpse! Good song too :)


    1. thank you Emma, am glad you like the song,sometimes, if it's a good one, everyone on the bus sings along.

  4. Thanks Emma, and am glad you liked the tune!

    Well, I really didn't know who to pick for next week so T did the honours and pulled out
    Jeneveve's name from the bag! Hope that is alright with you Jeneveve!
    Best wishes everyone. x


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