21 November 2013

#naphopomo Day 21 Thunderbirds are go.......

Eternally grateful to Blue Peter and having, for many years,
bemoaned the fact that some artisans refuse to make
displays for their work, I truly believed that this would be
a doddle. (The original idea of a beautifully carved
showcase had evaporated as fast as T could make it to
the garden).
Undeterred, the empty cardboard box beckoned,
accompanied by a 'eureka' moment!
Starting early (and envisioning completion within an hour or
two), things began to unravel around lunchtime. By 3p.m.
the glue was still drying and it was obvious some 'minor'
adjustments were necessary.
It is now 5p.m. the glue is still wet and I am drinking the
last of the wine.

I will leave you with

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