8 November 2013

#naphopomo Day 8 Natural Selection

Today did not go as planned. Being a wash day I was glad for
any diversion and found myself glued to the live feed from
Nautilus in between rinses. Dr. Robert Ballard and his Corps
of Explorers aboard E/V Nautilus are studying Kick 'Em Jenny,
an active underwater volcano just north and off the coast of
Grenada. This is the best thing since the moon walk! Plus you
can ask questions which are answered in real time by the
knowledgeable people in the control room.Using remotely
operated vehicles, Hercules and Argus, today we saw,
champagne bubbles from vents inside the volcano crater with
temperatures as high as 256'F inside the vents, where there
were shrimp living in little hollows, albeit a little on the pink
side, and then up on the rim, a shark! Darwin would have had
a field day. What has this to do with the above image?
Not a lot, except to say that the camera batteries were
exhausted so it was necessary to adapt and resort to the

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