7 November 2013

#naphopomo Day 7th Trying a Thing

With #naphopomo being all about photography month, I thought 
I would 'try a thing' and experiment a little, while T transferred 
some basil in the beds above the river.
Ever since Dad gave me a Brownie 127 when I was about 5, 
I have always enjoyed taking photographs but I am not a 
photographer. I like to play with composition, record people, 
places and things that interest me and on occasion manage to 
capture a special moment in time. With almost everyone having
a camera phone nowadays, it is even more fascinating to 
observe what professional photographers achieve through their 
lens. The magic worked in a dark room beneath a red light, the 
alchemy between eye, camera, creativity and knowledge is 
nowhere better seen than in the work of Lee Miller and then, 
the contemporary work and delightful voice of Joann Verburg 
cannot fail to inspire.

Last but not least and from the heart, thank you Chookooloonks .
I am truly enjoying this voyage of discovery which I would not
have embarked upon were it not for you.

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  1. Yay! So glad you're having a great time. Thanks for the shout-out! :)



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