5 September 2007

Green Heron

This little chap has taken up residence in the breadfruit tree. He appears a little confused with the world right now. Darrel, from Green Withens Birding , tells me the Green Herons he saw here in Grenada, were quite tame. He doesn't seem very bright, the heron that is, not Darrel, but we will get along fine, providing that he limits his appetite to the wood ants and not the lizards. Would have thought he would prefer living down by the river? Perhaps he just likes company.


  1. great pictures zooms,these are great little birds,though not wanting to upset you but he or she may eat lizards(sorry)

  2. You have a soft spot for lizards? Or is it because they supposedly eat insects?

  3. Hi Jamsprint,
    both I guess, hadn't really thought about it before but there is something I do really like about the little, no bigger than 6" green, playful little lizards.
    Don't really want 3'guana running round the house, though no real chance of that, it would be in a pot before it got half way across the floor.


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