8 September 2007


There comes a
time when we
all need to
sweep and
clean and
That time was yesterday for me.
Due to hurried, impromptu, previous, searches, the papers, certificates, documents etc., the proof of who you are, lay, in a disorderly bundle, at the bottom of a plastic storage box.
Sifting, sorting and identifying took the best part of a productive day.
I was rewarded by that delightful, if shortlived, feeling, of space and clarity and purpose.
The 'studio' was refreshed and ready.
In amongst everything, I found this little gem. A list of words from a game of Scrabble, played many years ago, when we got bored playing by the rules and gave each other extra points for creativity, using our remaining letters.

Boule- French delicacy, sort of cross between pastry, ice cream and chocolate.
Does not make you feel bloated, helps you slim and tastes delicious.
Burano-Cross between a meercat and a rabbit. Found in deepest forests in Africa.
It can be distinguished from other, similar looking animals by the pink and fluffy area
under its' tail.
Seworc-Disease of the big toe, usually the left.
Goicuiey -Ancient art of thatching , as in "Will you please 'goicuiey' my roof for me?'
Tevidiamn- particular make of organ.
Gankoity- the circle in the ice that the Inuit fish through.


  1. the studio looks good,cannot wait to see the results

  2. Love scrabble words - lovce inventing words, too :-)

    As far as cleaning, sorting, etc. I envy that you are done with it.
    I am moving in a month, to a Caribbean island (Puerto Rico) of all places ;-), so i was planning to sort my papers this past weekend, but faced with something perceived by me as a mundane and boring work, I am a master procrastinator, so instead of sorting etc I went to a party on Friday night, out to breakfast on saturday morning, and to a museum and then to dinner on Sunday night. Since I still had plenty of time in-between I... started a blog Since I have a lot of sorting to do this months I might become a prolific blogger. ;-)

  3. I love this Minerva, good for you. Share the blog with me please? Actually, I was procrastinating too, you know that feeling, 'I really should get on with this masterpiece but I can't until'...,
    hence the tidying! But I'm glad I did it and now? .... may 'the work' continue!
    Puerto Rico, wow, there you will have something of everything wonderful- and more. Buena suerte.

  4. the blog is published at minervavelsangrona.wordpress.com.
    It has only three posts so far and I still have to learn how to upload photos. Besides, my computer crashed yesterday, may be to tell me I should concentrate on packing, sorting, cleaning, etc. What do you think about a wink from fate?


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