4 March 2008


I believe this tiny little bird to be, either, a Vervain Hummingbird or, possibly, the smallest bird in the world, a Bee Hummingbird. Either way, I forgot to adjust the setting on my camera so I will return tomorrow to see if I can get a better shot. To give some idea of scale, the diameter of the nest is no bigger than one egg case holder that you get when you buy eggs in the supermarket. I could wrap my finger and thumb around it.

Caught red handed stealing the bananas ready for market is a regular visitor in our
kitchen. A male Lesser Antillean Bullfinch.

Finally, a Cattle Egret I think, taken from the Grenada Yacht Club with no cows in sight.
I love my Canon A530, not the ideal model for birding shots but my constant companion for capturing special moments, think I might treat the lens to a little clean.


  1. nice photos,

    the hummingbird is a

    'antillean crested hummingbird'

    nice to have you back

  2. Thanks Darrel,
    it feels good to be back, there are several different hummingbirds in Corn Buck but this is the first one that stayed still.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the help with the i.d. am sure to call on you again.

  4. ditto on having you back and its great to see the bird pics! our hummingbird that resides in ohio is the ruby throated hummingbird and will arrive in early may...can't wait. in the meantime, i saw my first turkey vulture of the year and a flock of red-winged black birds were at the feeder this morning. spring is slowly but surely on its way.

  5. Spring is on it's way, but autumn is late here. Cold nights, but hot, dry days.

    Cattle egrets are everywhere. We get them all over in Australia. I love them; they are such an elegant, gentle bird.

  6. Indigomar,
    thanks for visiting, I know you have the flu, vultures with a penchant for turkey and red blackbirds?
    and to think I thought the tropics were exotic, or is it the medication?
    Looking forward to your visitor in May xxx
    Blisshill, Aren't they amazing? Apparently cattle egrets flew across the Atlantic to be here in the Caribbean.

  7. Hi Zooms, this is so strange, I live in the tropics yet when I read your blog it comes across as being so much more delicious.

    I've been catching up reading all your posts I missed this past month.


  8. GG ,
    so lovely to hear from you,
    I have missed you, my internet has been giving trouble for the past few days but now I am off to your blog to get the latest story.


thanks for visiting, it is lovely to see you here.

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