15 March 2008

Turmeric travails

Some time ago, here, the turmeric, known
as saffron in Grenada, flowered and before long,

was ready to harvest.
Six plants bore a bounty of succulent fingers
of spice.

The fingers were 'chipped', sliced thinly, and left
to dry in the hot sun.

There is a very happy woman in 'The Spice Isle",
who, thanks to her wonderful neighbour,
for showing her how,
and to Pa for giving her her own grinder,
(made in the Czech Republic, )
for her birthday next week,

two jars full of hard work, sunshine, happiness and health.


  1. Happy birthday!
    And how much fun you seem to have with turmeric.
    I am going to appreciate it more now that I know what it looks like in nature and how it is being turned into the orangy-yellow powder.

  2. Thanks Minerva,
    it was fun, another learning curve and if you didn't already, you might be surprised to read about the health link. Turmeric is amazing.

  3. Wow! Really hands-on spice production. Congratulations! I will look at Tumeric differently from now on.


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