29 March 2008

On making carrot beds.

there lie stones that like to hide
there lie stones from the other side

there lie stones wet with dew
there lie stones with a greenish hue
there lie stones that demand to be held
there lie stones from another world

there lie stones out of sight
there lie stones that gleam with light
there lie stones muddied and true
there lie stones that speak to you

there lie stones lost in time
there lie stones etched with grime
there lie stones under foot
there lie stones disguised as root

there lie stones of a different hue
there lie stones in wait for you.


  1. And all those cool stones just from making carrot beds??? You have a philosophic garden... not easy, though.

  2. All except the last one which T's Grandfather found, I don't know what he was doing at the time but I do know he worked in agriculture all his life and died aged 96.
    T says it has been in this house for as long as he can remember.

  3. What a lovely thoughtful way of looking at things that are so different but so the same as well.

    I'm going out to peer at the bluestone on my driveway.....

  4. Stones are fascinating, they store history.

    There's a fella who builds stone walls in homes, in the most creative manner, all kinds and sizes of stones he uses.

    I have a little basket full of stone 'eggs', they're all white and egg-shaped.

  5. Hiya Zooms, I have a thing about stones and pebbles! I especially love the last two, very prehistoric looking! I love your rhyming stones poem also ; )

  6. GG, Exactly , I just wish they would speak a little louder. I so want to build a little stone house in Corn Buck, did you find your stone eggs?
    A kite rises, I believe, stones and pebbles contain an energy that connects us to something that our ancestors want us to remember, I am trying to find out more about the axe heads and I am glad that you enjoyed the poem. Thank you.


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