9 May 2008

My Curly Headed Baby

For my Mum who died yesterday


  1. Sorry to hear
    My sincerest condolences..

  2. Oh Zooms, only just saw this post. I'm sorry xx

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss. It's so hard to go through especially when it's someone so close.

    I am pleased however to have found your site though, found through reading Joanna's (That's the way Life Is) .

    You have a very great gift in your writing and I look forward to reading your site and hearing more snippets about your Island life. Sending Love and Best Wishes from Scotland (the land of midge flies, haggis and tartan- at least that's what everyone outside Scotland thinks) hehehe...
    Bye Kate x.

  4. Hello, I just want to say that I was looking for the lyrics for this lullaby to sing to my two year old grandson Callum . His Great grandma (aka Nanna TG) sings this to him as she used to to me... only I couldn't quite remember the words!

    Your Mum must have been/be very proud of you. You have a lovely style and voice. I will be singing this to my grandson this evening and I'll be thinking of both you and your Mum.
    My very sincerest condolences.
    Margaret (aka Nanma)

  5. Kate, sorry it's taken me so long to reply but thank you for your kind words.
    Nanma, I am glad you found the words, and hope that Callum sleeps as sound and happy as I, and then my children, did with this lullaby. I am not the fabulous singer though, I found this beautiful version on You Tube(music by manning)


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