29 May 2008

Osprey nest at Dyfi junction?

My daughter told me to watch out for this,
on the train journey from Aberystwyth, in Wales,
to Neston, on the Wirral.

(The usual apologies for the quality of the pictures.

The nest is on top of the pole.)

Herring gulls nesting on a garage roof in Aberystwyth.

A Red Kite was seen above the town on Sunday morning.

I am astonished at the seeming influx of magpies, crows
and wood pigeons since I left the U.K. The wood pigeons
seem to be thriving, much bigger than I remember.

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  1. Hi--I haven't visited in a long time. Enjoying your blog. We have Ospreys here--they arrive in spring & have their babies. I used to see them when I would hike up the ridge from my house in Inverness. The parents would be wheeling around over the bay talking back & forth with their piercing cries. Then you would see one returning from the water, holding a fish in its talons. They carry the fish in an interesting way--face forward. Can't describe it very well (I could draw it though)
    I love seeing your world--it's so different from mine.
    PS I haven't forgotten about the art I owe you for the Pay it Forward---I've just been overwhelmed with too much stuff!


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