25 June 2008

Blown away

We have had a lot of heavy wind and rain.
The Antillean Bullfinches are rebuilding.


  1. It's hard to complain about the rain when you know what it's absence is like. I must confess to thunderstorm fatigue however and the dreaded weather alert radio.



  2. No complaints Tom, am just observing. I like how the birds set a good example if bad weather does come, they don't sit around looking sorry for themselves, they just get on with it

  3. They are quick and skillful builders, aren't they.
    Zooms, you know I love your blog and your art. There is an award for you in my blog. I hope you'll be willing to accept graciously!

  4. They can't just ring up the insurance company can they?

    Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them. There's always something interesting happening.


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