12 June 2008

Of all the breadfruit trees in all the world and you had to fall out of mine.

These two fell out of the breadfruit tree today. They are
temporarily housed in this little cage, to protect them from
the yard fowl and the cat, but I am hoping their mother will
return to claim them. The nest is not their own. They are,
approximately, 2 -3" long, have black and tan wing feathers
and their bills are slightly hooked. Baby ground doves
What to do? If no birds come to claim them,
what and how to feed them? I like birds, but
not in the house, owing to a bad experience
with next door's budgie, as a child.


  1. I successfully reared a starling years ago, from little pink work to a fully fledged bird on canned cat food fed on a matchstick.

    Good luck!

  2. great idea Blisshill, they have survived the night having eaten a little wholewheat bread and bacon fat mashed up with warm water and tentatively eaten from a teaspoon.

  3. Sorry, bad proof reading..... Pink worm! Keep them warm and out of draughts, watch for dehydration. As he got bigger, I used to turn over cow pats and pick up all the worms congregated underneath. He ate like you wouldn't believe. Eventually we would go outside with him on my shoulder and sit under the trees, where he would fossick amongst the leaf litter for bugs. Finally one day a neighbouring bird chased him away and I never saw him again!

    But such a character, and such a treat.... from a plain old starling, he had more character than a budge.


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