8 April 2009

Creativity and making ends meet, or not

Like most people,
it is always such a
thrill when others
tell me that they
like what I do,
but for some
reason, if the
compliment is
followed by the

" You should sell them"

all my joy, enthusiasm
and inspiration, turns to
a muddy mess, and
goes straight out the

This is not to say
that I do not want
to sell anything,
I do, I really do,
I really need to.

I really, really need to.

Likewise, when
trying to make
something with
the intention of
also making a living,
all muses promptly
exit stage left.
Equally, you will not
find any Adsence
on this blog, oh no,

commercialism being anathema to my soul.

So this week I am
tricking myself into
believing that I am
just having fun
making these paintings,
which are in acrylic, painted
on little wooden blocks
and measure 9x9x2 cms.
When I have completed
the series, I may even take
them for a walk to meet the visitors
at Annandale Falls , just for fun you understand , although I
might be persuaded to part with one for say, $10 U.S.?


  1. Hello. I'm stopping over from Guyana Gyal's blog. Nice collection images and color you have here. Beautiful.

  2. Welcome Stephen and thank you for your kind words, and if I put my mind to business I might even be able to purchase my very own Liquid Lunch.

  3. love your words, your writing...love your thoughts. you have artistic talent and writing ability too! how to say this...I would pay more than 10.00 (20-30.00ish) for the paintings, I love the 3rd one down.
    would you consider a swap?

  4. Hi , thank you so much for your lovely & warm response, I enjoy your posts too....thanks again ...I will keep the good work coming...hope u have a nice easter Sunday....cheers! ^_^

  5. Oh yes, I know. Once the commerce enters into it the love seems to fade. And who am I to persuade you to let me hold one of these beautiful paintings? Really, I shouldn't, but I am greedy and acquisitive and yes, I want one. I want the second one. May I buy it? No, I can't really buy it...maybe a lease. A long $10 lease with the understanding that you can borrow it back for shows and such. Please?

  6. Thank you so much, you are all so kind, and have made my day,

    Deb, yes, airmail is no problem, would you like the first one? It is of a nutmeg tree.

    Indigomar, a swap sounds like a great idea, the picture you like is of the flower from a banana tree, thank you for your encouraging words, I am blushing and happy.

    Peggy, you sum up what I feel exactly, I would be delighted for you to hold the second Nutmeg picture, actually, that is what I like about these because they are just big enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

    Thank you all once again for all the positive energy you have sent my way, or as T just said,
    "that is so good, they have given you the courage that you need to continue"
    and you have xxx

    If you can just email me


    and let me know where to send them, I will pop them in the post a.s.a.p.
    Thanks again.

  7. zooms, zooms, you probably don't even realize just how selfish you are... and selfish in a bad way, since you yourself do not profit from it, either. Painting is your favorite ( i am guessing) expression of your creativity, which is a gift to you, you shoukd be sharing with others. Not for free and not for such a ridiculously low price, that it takes away from a buer's enjoyment of his/her treasure: your creation. Your price tells the admirer you do not value your talent... and a talent is a horrible thing to waste (through undervalueing or in other ways).
    I am offering $50 for the top picture (unless somebody else outbids me). Just email me your bank name and account number to send the funds and send the painting to me, when you get them (I'll email you my current address). And Happy Easter: paint more, paint with a feeling you have a valuable (also commercially) skill make us all happy!

  8. Minerva, wow, your comments stopped me in my tracks and made me sit up and take notice, in a good way, I had not thought about it from that perspective before. There are lots of reasons that I could list for the price I set but the phrase

    "Your price tells the admirer you do not value your talent... and a talent is a horrible thing to waste"

    that you used, really woke me up to what I am doing and turned my thinking on its' head.
    I am going to spend the holiday having a rethink about my approach, bearing your comments in mind.
    With regard to painting one and your generous offer, I am just waiting to see if Deb would like it and then I can organise.
    Thanks again Minerva, Your wake up call was exactly what I needed. x

  9. I think, the hardest thing for creative people to be, is commercial. It's a skill that can be learnt though, Zooms. Sign up with a small business newsletter that teaches stuff, here's one that I dip into sometimes: http://www.smallbusinesssuccess.biz

  10. Thanks GG, I'll give it a go.

  11. Beautiful! (and LOL @ the Liquid Lunch)

    Not to trample on the creative juices but are you open to doing commissioned work? I would be seriously interested in a block or series of small paintings like these. Email me and let me know.

  12. Thanks YingYang, don't laugh, (I knew I should have written that better), not that I'm averse to one, but this particular Liquid Lunch is Stephen's new chapbook of poetry, "oh no", "oh yes!"
    as to the creative juices, I'll agree to anything after a glass of red, seriously, they do tend to evaporate at the mention of the scary 'c' word but how about I keep going and give you a shout, when I have a good selection finished, and you can have your pick if you like any of them. Will be in touch sooooooon, thank you so much.


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