21 April 2009

Step by step

This was going to be kept secret until everything was ready, but I need HELP.
Please come and visit over here if you can.


  1. I do not know if and how complicated it might be in Grenada, but the best option is always to make it as easy on customers as you can. So, my advice: go to your bank, tell them you are in business of selling to customers outside the island and need to accept credit cards - or at least one to start with - and ask them to open this opportunity for you - a business account with credit card acceptance. Should they insist that you need to register yourself as a business with some proper Grenadian authorities, do so (you might need to suffer some beaurocracy)... and register yourself as a fledgling export business (most countries gives tax benefits to exporters)... and good luck!

  2. Thank you Minerva, I totally agree with you with wanting to provide the best and easiest solution for the customer. Off to the bank again on Friday to pursue your suggestions. Thanks again.

  3. I'm having the same problem. What Minerva says is good.

    I went to our bank some time ago, and they're in the process of setting up a credit card system. I spoke to someone and she says this year...

    Don't worry Zooms, this recession will end soon, I've been saying that since last year, that by August 09, it will start fading...and visitors will come to Grenada...

  4. Thanks GG, yes, and I do count my blessings, which are rich and varied, every day.


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