29 April 2009

When Current go.....

Kite bust
fall on line,
current go
just in time
for the news.

everybody vex,
like they
never did have
boy days.

hold on now,
it nice you know,
peace and quiet
when current go,
no boom boom
in me ears.

Oh, so,
me one then
that hears
them beasts bawl,
just for we,
works good
for me.


  1. Sounds like bliss.

    Here, generators spoil the silence.

  2. it's amazing... nowadays we rant and rail against a power outage (and they very rarely happen in svg anymore)... 15 - 20 years ago they were regular and consistent... everyone was used to them and people didn't really mind... strange how a few years and some "progress" or "development" can eat away at a person's patience...


  3. GG, I love it when current go, the generators would come on here too, if it stayed off for a long time, but we are only talking an hour at most.

    Will, you are right, same thing here really. T was SO upset,mainly because there was no T.V.
    For someone who grew up with no electricity, (he's 34,) until he reached 10 years, I asked him how they used to spend their evenings. He thought about it for a while and then said they used to play. Exactly. Sadly, Grenlec arrived before we had a chance to decide what game he would like to play, Damn....

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  5. when current go not so nice for me... i men,,, twenty minutes with internet?? how u expect me to liv?


    on the bright side, when i was back home in wat snobbish kingstonians call 'country', when light 'out', we used to sit on the verandah and tell stories and run jokes. was nice =)

  6. How nice would that be?
    Imagine, GG, Will, and Ruthibelle, all on my veranda......

  7. Hi Heather, have been living off-line for a wekk....loved the poem. Im glad you were reminded of your time learning Iyengar Yoga, its great that I can share this with you :))
    Love Sabrina (* v *)

  8. Thanks Sabrina, that's what I love most about the net and blogging......... the sharing. x

  9. Candle power works for me, too. Love the poem and enjoy your blog, Heather.

  10. Candle power works for me, too. Love your poem and your blog, Heather.

  11. Hi Jeanette, where did your blog go? I was enjoying it.

  12. Well, it's like this: I thought there was no time for it. However, I will probably start it up again soon. Been so busy looking for real farm land and still looking. Ft.Jeudy hasn't got it.


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