1 April 2009

The April Fool

I know that I offend you, a mistake I make is all,
stepping outside of my space and into yours.
Turn a blind eye while I beat a retreat and
let us forget this ever happened.


  1. Nice capture of this stick insect.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Hi Stunner,
    yes, this little creature made me smile, he looked so embarrassed being exposed, with his camouflage in the wrong place. A bit like me when I was stopped in town the other day for wearing one of my '3 for $10 EC' 'camo' t-shirts that they have selling in Kumar's. Mr SSU, told me to 'get back on the ship and change'. I was upset, especially as two other people passed me wearing the same thing, and I would have stripped off there and then but I couldn't remember if I was wearing the nice new lacy bra or the washed out fraying round the edges one, which, on reflection, was probably just as well.

    thank you for stopping by here too.

  4. oohhh.. thats what this post was about?

    sounds like stripping to your undies would have caused other problems with the public decency code.

  5. Adrian, welcome, nice of you to stop by, yes, there was even a revered public citizen explaining on the t.v. the other night, as to how much exposed cleavage is acceptable, I wonder what they going to do when carnival comes around?

  6. ROFTLMAO!!! Wait a minute. First of all - Kumar is selling 3-for-$10 camo tees? I want three right now.

    But yet this begs the question - how come you can't wear the tees, but Kumar can IMPORT and SELL them? Lord, this Grenada...

  7. Sorry, not tees, more vests, and they do really look like they were 3 for 10, especially after you wash them, definately no threat to any 'serious' camo wearer, what really got me though was the


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