31 October 2007


Ginger jars on the green table with a white napkin and the blue tea towel.



  1. Hi Zooms--Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice painting! I also love the pictures of the butterfly from a few posts ago. I have a painting I'll post for you on my blog--it's a moth, not a butterfly, but I think you'll enjoy it.
    I just got a digital camera & posted my first pictures (of mine) that I took of a new piece I finished last night. I am feeling quite proud of myself. Check it out!

  2. Lovely!
    I really love the detail on the crockery.

  3. Love your latest picture, the blues and greens are beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently!


  4. Thanks Darrel,
    'still life' is fun to do, watercolour gives me so much pleasure, I just love how the paint flows and blooms across the paper.
    Christine, you have every right to be proud of yourself,
    Cream, just for you more 'crockery', (I'd forgotten that word, it's lovely,)
    on the way,
    Thanks Helz, actually I pop in quite often but I don't always have something to say.x

  5. Stunning colours and beautifully realised. Those ginger jars make me wistful and dreamy for some reason. You have a lovely style :)

  6. I still would love to purchase this (my original comment stating this desire of mine must have somehow gotten lost) if it is for sale. Please

  7. Hi Minerva,
    thank you so much for the compliment but unfortunately these ginger jars have a new home, however, there will be more in this vein so don't despair and I promise to give you a sneak preview, or, alternatively, you may want to sign up for the 'Pay it Forward' (see Thursday, 22 November 2007 post,) game and see what you get. Just email me your address.


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