30 October 2007

Time for change

The green is beginning to get to me, think I will have to make some changes tomorrow.


  1. I've got to paint my house in Florida both inside and out. I've been waiting for Hurricane season to pass.

    I like your colors, they are very cheerful. What green are you talking about? The outside? I'm sure whatever you decide it will look very tropical and cheerfull.

  2. Hi Tom, good luck with the painting.
    Thanks for liking my colours, I just felt it was time for a change, I was finding the previous template a bit overpowering and, following Darrel's example at Green Withens Birding , who seems to change his colours at the drop of a hat ,seemingly with no ill effects, I thought I'd try this instead.

  3. I liked the green :-(
    This is still nice :-)


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