13 October 2007

Latest sightings

Being ignorant of so many things , the time is long overdue for me, at least, to try to identify the birds, flora and fauna etc, that we see on a daily basis.
A broad winged hawk, with prey
My first 'action' shot, male Carib Grackle flying from female,

My second 'action shot' female Carib Grackle in hot pursuit.
Together again, but not on speaking terms.

Cuckoo family?
Tropical Mockingbird?
Caribbean Elaenia? Look closely, click to enlarge and there is a delightful little bird that built it's nest in this coconut tree, unfortunately I have no idea what it is.

If the batteries hadn't gone on the camera, I would have caught this Lesser Antillean Bullfinch thiefing ripe plantain in the kitchen.
And finally? Kingbird?
still a way to go yet then, but with thanks to the following website

West Indian Natural History
I am learning.


  1. nice one zooms,that is a great website wish i had found it before i went to grenada the Caribbean Elaenia
    is the only one out of that lot i did not see.


  2. Uuf, zooms, the richness of natural diversity in that part of the world will make learning longer... And hurrah for that!:-)


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