26 October 2007


I did something reallly stupid today, one of those things that you wish you had never done, could forget about or blame on someone else. The kind of thing that leaves you squirming, uncomfortable within, the kind of thing that won't leave you alone until you do your best to rectify the matter, the kind of thing that you thought you were old enough not to do anymore.

So what exactly can you do when a thing is done and can't be undone?

Own up, apologise, learn from and acknowledge and deal with that part of you that isn't nice, yet demands attention, and try not to let the same thing happen again.


  1. I really hate it when I find myself in the place you are now. And it happens all too frequently. My inner ugliness spews out sometimes and I am miserable in the aftermath. I really wish I were better and did not have to spend so much time apologizing...

    I have come to think that I am capable of every atrocity committed by mankind, and also capable of every glorious act of selflessness. I am a just another slice of manunkind, trying to make better choices.

  2. Jen,
    thankyou for your insightful words and astute perspective. I appreciate your taking the time to respond to this post in a way that has helped me see more clearly.
    Still squirming but wiser,

  3. whats done is done.its life move on.stop dwelling on it.you cannot go back,forward is the way.

    live for everything
    regret nothing



    ps.but what have you done?

  4. nothing that exciting Darrel, I commmented on someone elses blog, someone whom I really admire and who was posting on a very serious matter and my ego decided to jump up and cry for attention.
    Thanks for your advice though, you're right.

  5. That's it? The bad dreadful thing you did? Comment on a blog, asking for attention? Ahhh Zooms. I thought it was something bad and terrible and heart wrenching you'd done.

    Now if I were to tell you what I'm squirming about, you'd be really really sad. For me :-(

    But I'm not telling, it's still makine me sad.


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