1 October 2007

Manager wanted

Monday dawns bright and fresh and we start the day with a light step and a new resolution.Since embarking on this new path, I have been surprised by my complete lack of organisational skills. Previously, when working for other people, I have always known what to do, in what order, how to delegate, problem solve, prioritise, plan ahead, schedule tasks etc, etc.
Now, however, I seem to have turned into a completely mindless, daydreaming jelly, with no sense of direction and the purpose, whilst promising, keeps getting lost in distractions and dreams. Well, obviously, we'll have to put a stop to that, or as my Auntie Joyce used to say, "this won't buy the child a frock", so, I have imposed a timetable with objectives and completion dates and, as I am already 13 minutes late, I will have to curtail this post and get to work. I would be delighted to hear of other people's discipline.


  1. Hmm, other people's discipline... How about lack of it? I am usually very disciplined - without having to discipline myself one yota - a workoholic, worse, a slave driving workoholic, when I do something I like, consider important, something that inspires me.
    But facing routine or boring chores I become a master of procrastination: Started a blog to procrastinate sorting, packing and moving, so two days from now I'll have to hire packers to pack my kitchen and dining room stuff...lol. But sometimes I start dragging my feet when I do what I like. Now I know it means I stopped believing in what I am doing: I might need to change an approach. My subconscius already knows it, but my consciousness does not. So if you have turned into a "mindless, daydreaming jelly" may be you should let yourself daydream for a while and listen to your subconscious, instead of imposing a strict discipline - or in addition to itm if you feel a need to discipline yourself. Discipline will get you through the jungle you are currently trying to get through, but what if your subconscious is trying to tell you that it is the wrong jungle???

  2. Thank you Minerva, I have spent the day thinking about what you said, it's interesting, I don't think I'm in the wrong jungle though,just haven't found the path yet, or cut one, but I agree I do need to daydream and listen to the subconcious, so, thank you.

  3. I hate to say it, but you sound like me when I haven't had enough coffee. Could it be that simple?

  4. Tom, I think that's it.Thankyou.


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