28 December 2007

Sorrel info for Zanne

Hello Zanne,
Tried sending
an e-mail
but it
back so;
Thank you
for visiting
my blog.
As with all the
successes in the garden , our sorrel thrives
on healthy neglect.

The seeds were planted, 3 to a hole, about 4" deep. The soil there is a heavy clay loam, quite wet but well draining, at the top of a south facing slope. We are about 1800 feet above sea level and here it is cooler and with high humidity. The seeds we planted were from Tropica who appear to be a French company called Technisem. Of course we now have lots of seeds from the plants but I am slightly hesitant to use them as there was some mealy bug on some of them. We didn't use any manure, or fertiliser, as the soil in that spot has been nourished by years of leaf fall, mangoes, kitchen waste etc. All we did was watch them grow. If you are interested there are more garden stories here, Garden ,although, with my usual efficiency, I seem to have forgotten to note when we planted the sorrel. I think it was in June. The plants are now producing new flowers. I have visited GoGrow lovely blog, I will be visiting often.

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  1. Zooms! Thank you so much...with the holidays GoGrow has been wilting! I am taking my Sorrel seeds directly from pods that we used for making punch this last week right now they are drying and I will plant them soon. We have the clay loam as well here in Barbados. All the best for the New Year.

    Zanne aka GreenBB

    P.S. Beautiful picture of Benazir, I am so saddened that things in this world have come to this.


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