6 December 2007

Technology, or not technology, that is the question.

It seems that the real challenge, for me, at Illustration Friday is not, in fact, to create a suitable image, but to upload the required thumbnail. Having spent all of this afternoon trying to do this, using all the permutations of my 50x50, yes it is a jpeg file, renaming, resizing, re saving, I was ultimately left with the option of not submitting, not using a thumbnail or using the image from last week, which I did, out of desperation.
As usual, all, or any, advice will be gratefully received.


  1. i think you will have to register at a 'image hosting' site. (i use photobucket) free of course. you upload your pictures and their is a code to use ( like using blogger,cut and paste) a thumbnail will then be linked to your blog from having a look at iiustration friday, as for that i cannot help sorry, or e mail jenny who runs the site penny@illustrationfriday.com


  2. Hi Darrel, thanks for that, I will give it a go, just wish I could remember how I did it last week.

  3. My answer to the existential "technology or no technology" question would always be: technology, ya, but with - preferably life and equipped with infinite patience - tech support. :-)

  4. Hi Minerva, lovely to hear from you.
    When I bought this computer, for the fist six months Coolsystems gave me free tech support and a very nice young man called Dwayne would come here in person and, with infinite patience, sort out any problems.
    Alas the six months is up but then there is Darrel.

  5. Good Morning and Merry Christmas.

    What I do is the following ( I assume that you are using an image editing programme such photoshop or photoshop elements):

    1) Select an interesting portion of your digital image (anything between 50x 50 pixels to 100 X 100). Copy the selection.

    2) Create a new digital file that is 50x 50. (In the file menu choose new file and then it will prompt you what size).

    3)Paste your selection and move it around until you are satisfied.

    4) Unless your image is very simple and graphic don't bother trying to shrink your image down to 50x50.

    Regards, Neil

  6. Ah ha, I knew I had a guardian angel, what took you so long? Just joking, thank you so much Neil, and Season's Greetings to you to, so lovely to see you here, all the best for the New Year, x

  7. It was my great pleasure.
    Happy New year to you.


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