3 December 2007

Our day out.

Our days are usually spent
hard at work.
The garden, construction, art and craft,
together with the daily cycle
of domestic dalliance,
tells of a life that is full and fruitful,
rewarding but structured.

Which is why, when we get the chance,
we run away to spend a day
just us two.
Saturday found us here, at Levera Beach,
looking out at Sugarloaf Island.
T was feeling the heat,
a momentary diversion
from our island tour,
a need for sand and sea water
and sun on my skin.
He indulged me,
sustained by the promise of a soon to come
ice cold Carib.

Driftwood of magnitude
lay brazen
by the shore,
whilst the island chain of the Grenadines,
seemingly strung
a little closer than usual,
invited and dared,
come visit, come see.


  1. the Turquoise waters of the Gulfstream flow around our island here in Florida. It's what recharges my soul.

  2. Wow Zooms, I am sitting here on my sofa in dark damp and windy Ireland, green with envy! What a beautiful beach and landscape you live in. Also just want to let you know I have included you in my blog list of fave blogs - hope this meets with you approval and just let me know if you'd rather not be there ; ) December greetings!

  3. Thanks 'akr,' I am delighted to be listed on your blog, I do get nostalgic for a cold Christmas but then the temperature drops to 70' and I have to put on a fleece and ....


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