21 August 2007

Aesthetics and Surprises

This is the view from the studio window, - only slightly marred by T's, I have to say, highly effective solution to stopping the windows from 'blamming' in the breeze!Naturally, this is only temporary as he will need his level in work.

I am sitting, patiently, waiting for the new tin of paint to arrive. T has very kindly bought me a replacement in town this morning, on his way to work, and has sent it up on a bus. He paid the driver $2.50 E.C. to ensure its' safe arrival but the driver must have forgotten to drop it off, as I just saw the bus leaving the village , on its' next trip. T was a bit vexed when I called him to make sure that I had got the right bus, (they all have names, I think this one is called 'God's Blessing" -yes, quite.)
Anyway, I just thought I'd pop downstairs to check on something, and, sure enough, T had come up with another solution to the window problem!

the clamp isn't
quite as
effective as
the level,
but still....

No bus as yet, perfect sunny day, I should be in the garden planting out.......
3 hours later and still no bus and I'll just have to stay here at the computer having fun, sorry, that should read 'working really hard,' reading other peoples' blogs, sorry, 'doing research', because I don't want to miss it when it does pass!

'God's Blessing'
has returned
and not only
brought me
my white paint

but new
water boots!

Thanks T.

1 comment:

  1. hi 'free spirit'

    glad you got your paint,them bus drivers drive like madmen!!!!
    had a great time in grenada last month.

    my only regret is not taking a photo of the graffiti just outside st georges by a round a bout that said
    'kgb behave' i loved that!!!!



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