24 August 2007

Distractions,Frustrations and Irritations

The day
started out
well enough,
up from bed,
bathed and
dressed, in
clothes that
I feel
relaxed in,

I headed

downstairs to begin the preliminary sketches for the paintings.

I was vaguely aware that T seemed preoccupied with something, as he headed up the road to buy some plants from the nursery, but creativity was calling and 'my mind was far'.

his return
in a
of activity,
lists of all
that needed
doing in the

whilst I
was busy

whether to
the pawpaw,
or eat it.

At this point
I should
explain to
all the sensible,
hard working
who live
' the real world',


under no
should you
even try to
have a conversation
with those that inhabit that 'other' world, when they are clearly residing there, at that particular moment. To do so, not only disturbs their equilibrium but is also physically painful for them, when forced to make a sudden return to the 'real' world and can result in an unexpectedly and -totally out of proportion to the event,- volatile response. Unfortunately I hadn't explained this to T.

We spent the morning in the garden that needs so much work doing on it.

It was depressing.

All my intentions

of organic farming

seem to be

thwarted in

the tropics,

pests, disease

and fungus

have no respect





Having weeded and uprooted and T forked his fury into the land of heavy clay, we came back to the house for some lunch and he called his boss to see what time to collect his wages for the work he had done over the last two weeks. T is a carpenter. The conversation went something like this;

T; Yea, what time to meet you ?

Boss; " I still waitin' on de 'oman fo' de money "

T; "O.K. then"

I wish I could say that this is the first time that this has happened, but it isn't. T is 'blue vex'.

Does he tell the boss how 'blue vex' he is? No, not yet, but he well upset.

I am
reading this
and feel
saddened that
not a lot
seems to have
changed for

Boss calls back;

Boss: "Where you is now?"
T: ( getting into clothes straight from shower, without drying his skin) ,
"I comin'."

T jumps on passing bus and is off to town to 'give trouble'.

So, whole day I was wondering why T was 'in a bad moon', now I know, he was worried about whether or not the 'Boss' would pay him. T is a lovely person. He is hard working and loves to help. He doesn't 'scheme work' , is honest, kind and strong. He has been taken advantage of one too many times. He is not the only one. This happens all of the time. So called 'contractors' get paid a lump sum for a job, take all the money and then refuse to pay their workers.

'Boss' has gone when T gets to town in 10 minutes.

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