30 August 2007

For your delight...

Just so you know, I have added two new features to the blog.

The first feature is 'Weather'. Having explored the 'cut and paste' options, I thought it would be more fun to show you a picture of what the weather is actually doing, outside our house. For those of you who check out the official weather forecast for Grenada, don't be surprised if our weather appears to be totally different. It often is. Point Salines, although a mere 9? miles away, often enjoys sunny skies with a slight breeze whilst, up here in the hills, we might be experiencing torrential rain and roof rattling gusts of wind.

The second feature, Painter's Progress, is just that. You will be able to see 'the work', as, when and how, it progresses. The series that I'm working on at the moment focuses on isolated images of flora and fauna, a constant source of inspiration. I am often to be found with my nose to a tree trunk, root or branch, compulsively drawn to the design, colours and wonders of nature. Both of these features also serve as an incentive to get me up and about early and to 'get on with it'. If you scroll down, they can be found just below 'those that sustain.... etc'.
I hope that you enjoy them.


  1. Zooms, what a sunny, sunny blog you have!

  2. Dearest Cream,
    How lovely to have a visit from you, on this, I have to say, the unsunniest of days!
    You bring your own sunshine to my blog. Thank you.


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