20 August 2007

White, right? Wrong!


I have returned from town, having successfully completed 99% of the scheduled tasks, despite the torrential rain and making the decision to get off one bus in the terminal because the driver appeared to be so drunk he could barely stand and had to lean on the side of his vehicle for support! (Ironically, the name of the bus appeared to be 'No Limit'!) Indeed!

Having reached home safely and had a bite to eat, Crix and cheese -a staple-, I headed with a light skip in my step, to the 'studio', to prime the boards ready for painting. On opening the tin I was a little disconcerted to find the paint looking a little dull but decided that it must just need a good stir;

I checked the label to see if I had bought the wrong colour;

and stirred some more;

No, cement grey just won't work, and , for those artists amongst you, I know I am cutting corners by not using acrylic primer but these are intended to be 'fun and affordable" items and not for posterity! Admittedly, not much 'fun' so far!

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