20 August 2007

Unexpected pleasures

It isn't always possible to buy the things you may need or want here. For example, last week onions were 'scarce', next week it could be brown sugar or, God forbid, my favourite red wine. Today, however, was one of those special days, when the much used phrase here "if you see it, buy it" - in other words, because it won't be there next week, was particularly apt!
I couldn't resist!


  1. Oh my, I couldn't cope!! I don't know I'm born, do I....?

  2. Yes, yes, if you see it, buy it. We have threads, buttons...which reminds me, lemme go buy some tins of soy sausages, I might never see them again :-D

  3. You have soy sausages?????
    I once saw two 'well to do' women, fighting, in the supermarket, over the last remaining, small carton of natural yoghurt.
    Now had it been soy sausages, I might have been tempted to join in.


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