28 January 2008


Remember this?
Moaning Minnie has become very big for her boots.
Whilst still very shy of people she has become a fearsome huntress.
She no longer moans continuously and we now call her Cathy,
pronounced 'Catty' here. Yes, I know. She has been content with her,
somewhat limited territory, comprising of the upstairs hall, bedroom
and veranda, up until now.
Last night, presumably by way of the adjacent breadfruit tree,
she went out,
only to reappear in the early hours just before dawn, when I recognised her commanding cries issuing from outside the front door.
She has become a 'catten', the feline equivalent of a teenager,
beguiling, belligerent and bossy.


  1. What a gorgeous cat!
    your comment about 'your body not missing the cold' made me chuckle. tonight i don't feel so poetic, its a so-so monday night after a long, busy filled up monday. c'est la vie.
    i just heard from a friend who lives in puerto rico, looking at your images...i long for green...

  2. shes all grown up now and looking lovley

    ps i like cats

  3. Indigomar, having lived on a Welsh mountain for fourteen years, I do know how you are feeling, I can be quite nostalgic about the seasons from here,
    Darrel, for a birder, I think that your liking of cats is quite surprising, but then you do always surprise me. x

  4. Aah cats! I grew up with cats, and loved them, then I got poodles who love them too, but in the wrong way.
    So, the decision to have one has been taken away.

    Bad for the small wild life, but lovely on your knee.

    Minnie is very pretty, nevertheless.

  5. Aah, teenage cats. Not sure if my Sweetie, who is about 4.5 month old is a cat teen yet, but, boy, is she a handfull! Fortunately my other cats, which arrived recently now take most of her pranks. Rascal is an understanding "fosterdaddy" and lets her eat him alive. It looks funny: he is huge, weighs 16 pounds, she is tiny, tiny, about 1/3 of him in length and 1/5 in weight.


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