10 January 2008

Monkey Business

A wild,
Mona Monkey,


  1. We do not have monkeys or mongoose on Dominica. Are the monkeys a nuisance? I have heard mongoose are horrible on the islands that have them. Do you have them also?

    This little Mona sure is cute!

  2. Hi Jen,
    it is quite rare to see a wild monkey here. They are usually in the forestry and very shy. There are still some hunters that shoot them for meat but they are in the minority. This monkey is a little troublesome to my mother-in-law, he likes to eat the bananas that she sells at the bar, I am trying to convince her that he is a good tourist attraction.
    Mongoose have never been horrible to me although they do carry rabies and are said to raid hen houses, we don't see them very often. Have you read Kipling's RickY TickY Tavi?

  3. What an elegant little monkey!

    My partner has a serious monkey phobia. If he sees one on TV, his eyes just about roll back in his head.

    I could never take him anywhere they ran wild because he would be terrified they would attack him.

  4. Blisshill, we hardly ever see them here but phobias aren't nice. Do you have monkeys in Australia?

  5. aw i like him/her though never saw any in grenada despite visiting a place (i forget its name)where you can see them

    nice photo

  6. Ahh, what a gorgeous little monkey. Thanks for sharing with us! Helz x

  7. No, no wild monkeys in Oz, thank heavens. Only in zoos.

    He's such a practical man; I'm not sure where this phobia came from.

  8. Minerva, lovely to hear from you,

    Darrel, Grand Etang, I think, although we have never seen any there either,

    Helz, he is isn't he, I am just so delighted to see how healthy he looks, well groomed and everything,

    BlissHill, we all have a little something like that.


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