24 January 2008

While waiting for paint to dry,

Outside the studio window,
where bouganvilliae bloom,
the bass,
from distant speaker box,
has ceased its belly boom,
and now,
the smooth billed anis
does sing its' soulful cry
to calm and sooth and quell
the need
for curlews' lullaby.


  1. How lovely!

    Such beautiful, lush green growth. We are in drought now, and everything is drying up.

  2. love the poetry, the imagery....
    smoothbilled anis, ahhh. if only.

    here, 0-10 farenheit.
    woodpeckers feed on suet, busy chickadees and nuthatches.
    moonlight diamond sparkles on snow

    crunchy crisp nights

  3. BlissHill, hope you get a little rain soon, we are just moving into dry season and some parts of the island will experience drought conditions but, thank fully, not up here in the hills.
    Indigomar, the picture you paint with your beautiful words almost makes me forget how much my body hates the cold. x


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