15 January 2008


The three acres
of family land, known as
Corn Buck,
is where we
are working at the
These are today's

and 'after'

We are clearing
the land.
We each have a cutlass.
It is hard work.

This was my
'before' area

and 'after'

it is true,

T helped me.

Whilst the work is hard, creating callouses
and muscle,

(we refuse to use Gramoxone, (Paraquat)
as recommended by the ministry of agriculture,)

it is also rewarding and each day presents
new surprises.

Such as the machine gun call of this
lizard cuckoo,
in the grapefruit tree, alerting me
to observe,
take a five
and delight in our island paradise.


  1. Thank you for that snippet of island living/working, though I must admit my gimpy shoulder gets a twinge just reading about it! :)

  2. Doesn't it feel wonderful to use your body like that, and achieve such results?

    Before my accident, I loved to get out with a mattock and carve my way through the ground, building steps and new garden beds.

    Everything ached, but it's there forever!

  3. Andrea, glad you are enjoying the commentary, right now I have a 'gimpy' everything.

    Blisshill, exactly.
    It's true, right now everything is aching but the rewards far outway the pain. Initially, i just went along to give T encouragement and whilst the work I do is about one quarter of what he does, you are so right. The body, once accustomed, desires this as much as I do. I am resolved to continue until I eventually grind to a halt.

  4. Zooms, how satisfying to clear your land with a cutlass and get to know the birds, and trees, and be close to the earth.

  5. It's true Jen, it is immensely satisfying and yes, I am very close to the earth, most of the time I am on my knees, in a nice way.

  6. oops i missed this one zooms nice cuckoo photos,another one i missed in grenada:(

  7. Well, I did wonder Darrel, you know all my birding efforts need your approval, next time you come to Grenada I will teach you how to use a cutlass and give you all the birding......... for free.

  8. No wonder you're so fit and trim...just saw your photo.

    You won't believe how I enjoy your blog, Zooms. It's the kinda life I like, back to earth, to nature, art. Heh, I wonder if your friends back home envy you :-)

  9. Guyana Gyal, hahaha, fit and trim, if you could see T and I now, neither of us can move our left arms, plus he has a stiff neck and is man sick.
    This life is what I always wanted,
    Friends? (just joking,)
    Envy, perhaps, but only because everyone imagines that we are on the beach every day.
    Here is home.

  10. Guyana Gyal, sorry, meant to say how glad I am that you enjoy this blog. Thanks. x


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