21 January 2008


Being creative
is, sometimes,
a soul searching
dive into the
unknown, and
in the words of

I find there is often a stage in my work, where I look at it and feel there are some major issues in there that possibly can't be resolved. But I know now to work on and get through to the other side,"

This is so true,
but, I wonder,
if she lives,
in the tropics,
where, in the midst
of our earnest
soul baring
mosquitoes and
house flies
bar our path
to 'the other side.'

Any distraction can topple us from the brink of the edge of knowing, the right stroke, the missing colour, the composition correction, just as you take a deep breath and dive, a house fly lands on your arm, a mosquito bites at your ankle or sings in your ear. All is lost.

But let us speak
of more serious matters.
Thanks to our cable
a misnomer
if ever there was one,
we were forced to watch

on this.

Reading the countdown commentary,was not what we were looking forward to and lacked,
shall we say, atmosphere.
I know it was a draw and there was a home goal in there somewhere and how yer mean yer didn't know I was a Scouser, " yer wanna make sumthink of it or wa?"


  1. Some truths be spoken here. I love that I'm not sure what I'm looking at in the painting.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    work in progress, part of the 'fig tree' series, this is a detail study of the extraordinary flowers.

  3. were you wearing a lacoste 'trakky' whilst watching the game?
    (sorry could'nt resist)x

  4. Darrel,

  5. No, I don't live in the tropics, but I certainly do have distractions, mostly in the shape of a large cheery man with a big voice. But he is warned to wait until I 'emerge from my hidey-hole'.

    With many years of painting under my belt, and I can recognise that particular stage and get past it.

    Artists are always self critical, that's what makes them keep trying for that 'perfect painting'.

    I like what you're doing very much. Put on some insect repellent!!!!

  6. BlissHill,
    did I forget to mention,
    I have a big man too
    and that we share a space
    where he does come
    to sharpen cutlass
    and wonder why
    I pull a face.

    Repellant, ofcourse, that's the thing, but it makes me feel so 'foreign'


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