17 January 2008


An abstract response this week to the Illustration Friday topic 'Stitch' ,
one of an aperture being held together.


  1. i like that,makes me think,very nice x

  2. Love that red. It's simple and oblique at the same time, not an easy trick. Very cool.

  3. Congratulations! I only just looked at your image and loved your poems......can't believe you won 2 minutes after I was reading your blog. Well done. Simple and effective.

  4. This really appeals to me - so simple but so clever.
    Great blog too!

  5. Congrats on being Pick Of the Week! I love this! So glad I got to see it.

  6. very cool! congratulations on being the pick of the week!

  7. Great composition! Congrats on being the pick of the week!

  8. congrats zooms,very pleased you made 'pick of the week' you deserve it.
    i still love this painting,though its hard for me to say why!my eyes are just drawn to it..........stunning.

  9. Well, who would have thought it? Certainly not me, I realised something was up when I saw the ammount of comments I had in my inbox but it was only as I was moderating that I realised I had been 'picked'. T couldn't understand why I was jumping up and down shouting 'i got pick of the week' even when I tried to explain it was like winning the lottery.
    What I really appreciate, apart from the exposure of course, is all the comments from all of you. Thank you so much. I have been to each and every blog and look forward to visiting you all from now on.
    Darrel, thanks, as always, I value your comments
    Indigomar, thank you, I dreamt this image,
    wedding project, thanks, i like your 'favourite number post'
    Patrick , thanks, you have an intteresting website,
    Steve, praise in deed, I really admire your work,
    Hi Deborah, glad you like the blog, I like your illustrations especially the way that you draw,
    Gillian, your designs are beautiful and of course, I will have to visit your blog often for the 'hiraeth' and the 'gwlad'
    Mike, seven blogs, you astound me, will have to choose at random, thanks for kind words,
    Val, thank you and I hope Rat is enjoying the other benefits of his viagra,
    Natura, thanks, composition is my favourite thing,love your blog and admire that it is bi lingual, lovely way for me to learn,
    Jamsprint, I'll try.

  10. Beautiful work Zooms, well done to you! (also have just seen your profile image for the first time! you look totally different to my mental image of you! but somehow exactly as I imagined too! if that makes any sense : ) The "Stitch" art is powerful, really lovely work.

  11. AKR, thank you.
    I look totally different to my mental image of myself too, in my mind's eye am 23 and 5'10",
    thought it was time to show a smile though,
    sometimes I sound so serious,
    when really I laugh, a lot.

  12. Congratulations Ms. Zooms,
    The best part is that you came up with an interesting non-cliched take on the subject. Enough Frankensteins awready.
    best regards,
    neil from -11 celcius Toronto

  13. Hi Neil,
    all our sunshine is for you.


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